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23 November 2010 @ 02:13 pm

Name: Shirley

Nicknames: Cherry, CC, Crazy-Ass (Well...I try XD)

Age: 15


Birthdate: 6 January 1995

5'1.5" (I'm...short. >.<)

Likes: anime, manga, gays (What? I can't like? They make such GOOD intellectual conversationists! XD), honest people, quiet places, chocolate/sweets in general, cherry blossoms?

Dislikes: people who are too materialistic and or ignorant to realize when their decisions are hurting someone, homophobes, SPIDERS, seeing people in pain (physical, mental, or emotional) and being unable to do a thing, bugs in general

Hobbies: watching anime (X! X! X! Bring on the tissues, baby!), writing (working on an individual novel and a sequal series afterwords), drawing (designing characters and illustrating for afore mentioned novel and series), music (working on composing a couple of piano and piano/violin pieces), playing around with people's minds using their own ideals, morals, and philosophies

Talents: I am a pretty dang good singer (always unrecognized), an above average artist (also unrecognized), a really quite talented author (FINALLY RECOGNITION! My novel has been compared to the style of H.P. Lovecraft and I've been invited to read some of my works on the local radio! It's a start!), aaaaaaaand...good academic scores? XD

Strong Points:
I call myself a field therapist. Many of my friends have social issues, familial issues, emotional issues, and come to me for comfort and advice. I feel for people greatly, and the few friends I have I remain wholly loyal to. I'm deeply philosophical, always wondering about the reasons people do certain things, and because of this I have never hated a person in my life. Guess I'm too busy trying to figure out their phsyche (sp?) to really care about what they did that pissed my friends off so badly. XD

Weak Points: I have almost no self confidence whatsoever. When it comes to someone offending me, I simply hide the comment away in my mind bank, but if someone offends anyone else I love and care for, I go into a flying fury. Contradiction to the above, right? ^^; It is because of this that many associates believe me to be a "heartless ass-kicker", which I really am not. I am also overly empathic; my father once told me, "Your empathy is one of your most charming aspects, but is also your greatest weakness. It could get you killed one day." It nearly did, actually. My best threatened suicide and I nearly got hit by a car trying to run to her house to talk her out of it. Wow, memories...And I am selfish. No, really.

Favorite Color? Why?:
White. Not because it represents purity, but because I see it as a blank canvas--something one can add colors to and create an entirely new and unique painting from.

Mature or Immature?:
Pretty mature. Although I have not dealt with any major events in my life yet, I still deal with what I have with a tad bit more maturity than others my age. I also think too much about the human heart to be called immature in that way. :D

Leader or Follower?: I prefer following, but I seem to always end up as the leader...

Would you side with the Dragons of Heaven or the Dragons of Earth? Why?: The Dragons of Earth have valid reasons for a Revolution and the destruction of the world, but I believe in the human heart. We humans are extremely complex and can make a good many mistakes, but in the end we all have something we simply want to protect, whether it is for a pure reason or not. In order for each person to have a chance to protect what they hold dear, I'd join the Dragons of Earth to save humanity.

If you were in X/1999, what would your 'wish' be? Why?: My wish....my wish would be for every person alive to be able to have a second chance to regwhatever they had lost. Those who are dead are dead, but those who are living deserve to change what they can for the better.

Favorite Character? Why?: OH JESUS, where to begin. Ah...Seishirou Sakurazuka. The man has such a complex mind, it's fun to try (and fail) to figure him out. There is such depth to him...and who doesn't like a smexy hot assassin/sociopath? :3

Favorite Pairing? Why?:
Seishirou/Subaru. Whoa. WHAT a story. The complexity and tragedy of their love/hate relationship just floors me. CLAMP is genius. They make me cry. And although I feel greatly for other people, I don't cry very often. So yes. SEE WHAT THEY DID THAR.

Anything else?: Um...I hope it's not too late for a rating ^^ I like this, and I'd really appreciate finding out which character I'm most like! Thank you all!

Pictures and/or Describe Yourself:
Er...I am a Chinese/American mix, with waist length black/red/brown/teenybitsofblonde hair (and this is all natural 0_0 natural highlights), rather large brown eyes with golden crescents in the irises, I look older than I am, and I am notorious for my knee high black boots. Um. Yes. ^^
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27 January 2009 @ 11:32 am
I would like to be stamped as a male character please...

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